Friday, May 27, 2011

FFWD - Cardamom Rice Pilaf

I love using cardamom so I was excited about trying Dorie's Cardamom Rice Pilaf. I love it in both in savory and sweet dishes and find it adds that little bit of something extra to a dish.

I rarely make rice and when I do, it's usually Uncle Ben's quick cooking rice in a bag. Pasta or potatoes are my family's preferred starches but I do enjoy eating it. Cooking it, not so much. I bought jasmine rice from the bins at the co-op and made sure to rinse it throughly before cooking. I caught it just before it was about to stick and ultimately, scorch. The rice was fluffy and cooked perfectly so I'm sold on Dorie's technique.

My daughter and I both grabbed a bit as soon as I plated it up and our first reaction was 'mmmm, yummy.' After a couple more bites my daughter decided she did not care for the cardamom seeds and I felt the flavor was a bit strong as well. I used cardamom pods in another dish I made that evening and we both noticed the cardamom flavor was strong there as well so maybe I just picked up some really potent pods. I thought the lemon zest was lovely in the rice. So this one was a hit for the cooking method, but a miss on the overall flavor for us.

I do plan on cooking rice more often using this quick recipe!
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  1. I like how your pilaf looks so pillowy and soft. Great post!

  2. Sounds quick and easy. I tried cardamom in rice pudding and it went really well. Never tried cardamom pilaf

  3. Uncle Ben's & Minute Rice are the favorites of The Dude in my house. But I have been weaning him (& everyone else) towards basmati & other longer grains. Rice is a friend!

  4. Those definitely were some potent pods! I wish I hadn't forgotten about the lemon zest.

  5. I have never thought about different potency in the pods but I guess, I should have. good looking rice3

  6. I have never cooked with cardamom before so I cannot judge, but I
    thought the recipe was nice. I used a bit too much lemon zest,
    however, it turned out okay. Tricia and I both thought this was a winner.

  7. I think I must have picked up some potent seeds as well, Candy. I have used ground cardamom and really love the flavor in baked goods, but this was way too strong for me. Love your photo!

  8. Beautiful rice! My son wasn't sure he liked the additional flavors, but it was the lemon not the cardamom... I couldn't find the pods so just used a 1/4 t of the was quite subtle.

  9. Glad you discovered how easy rice is to cook, even if this particular recipe wasn't a favorite.
    FFwD is always opening our culinary horizons.


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