Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings - Sunrise Key Lime Tarts

These were pretty amazing.  I love key lime pie.  Love.  It is one of the easiest pies to throw together and never fails to disappoint.  Sunrise Key Lime Tarts are Baked Elements spin on this classic and it was fantastic.

Pretzels replace the traditional graham crackers here and it's a genius move adding some saltiness and some crunch.  The recipe calls for tequila and triple sec and I think they were going for a margarita inspired tart but I opted to leave the alcohol out and use some orange juice.  I'm not crazy about alcohol in my desserts.  I think I'm always afraid it will overpower the other flavors.  But this was so good and such a hit I'm sure I will be making it again and will have to try the boozed up version.

The filling is pretty standard key lime pie with lime juice and sweetened condensed milk as the main ingredients.  I used regular limes and would have liked a little more pucker but my husband thought the lime flavor was perfect.

Quick to put together, these tarts are sure to be a hit.  To find the recipe and see what the rest of the Baked Sunday Mornings group did with this recipe, please visit here.
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  1. Your tarts look beautiful, Candy. Now I wish I had made them!! The pretzels for the crust is a pretty neat idea. Great job!

  2. Yours are so pretty - I love the low profile, and your whipped cream is perfect! I'm not crazy about tequila, but I think it worked really well in the filling.

  3. I made margarita cupcakes a couple of times and didn't taste the alcohol in the cupcake at all--thought it was wasteful! It does make me wonder how much they use on Cupcake Wars...

  4. I love your low-profile tarts too, and your whipped cream and lime slice garnish are picture perfect! Fantastic!

  5. I am so glad to see you left out the tequila and triple sec..I am not a fan of tequila and wondered how it would work!! Thank you. Your tarts look like discs..I love it!!

  6. Those tarts look like a real treat.

  7. Great photo, Candy! I was a little wary of the booze too, since I don't like a strong alcohol flavor in my desserts either, but I was very pleased that they didn't taste strongly of booze at all-- just a hint. I loved these as well-- soooo yummy! :)


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