Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings - Bananas Foster Fritters

Fried dough is a universal food.  Almost every culture has their version of deep fried dough:  beignets in France, falafel in the Middle East, samosa in India, and on and on.  Here in the good ol' US of A we truly love our fried dough, or fried anything for that matter, and have doughnuts to funnel cakes to fritters.

This week's baking assignment for Baked Sunday Mornings was Bananas Foster Fritters.  I love making fritters so I was eager to try this spin on bananas foster.  I omitted the rum and didn't make the rum sauce, not for ethical reasons but because I had just picked up a jar of honey caramel sauce that I desperately wanted to try.  

Successful deep frying hinges on a couple of things.  One, make sure your oil is hot.  I plop in a small amount of the batter in the oil and once I see that it quickly bubbles up and starts to rise I know my oil is hot enough.  I did notice that these fritters had a tendency to stick to the bottom of my pot and had to be nudged slightly to allow them to float properly in the oil.  Second tip, don't overcrowd your pan as it will reduce the temperature of the oil and you will end up with unevenly cooked goods.  Third, and this is the tricky one, fry until it is just right.  You can end up with something that is doughy in the middle to something that is burnt very quickly in a matter of what seems like seconds.  So keep an eye on whatever you are frying and pull them out when they are golden brown.

I thought these little fritters were a great idea and they were delicious.  I especially enjoyed them with the caramel honey sauce that I drizzled over them but they were fantastic simply sprinkled with powdered sugar as well.  Another fun recipe from Baked!

Please visit Baked Sunday Mornings for the recipe and to see our group's weekly roundup.
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  1. So THAT'S what they are supposed to look like! Gorgeous pic! I'm sure it was delicious with the honey caramel! Great job!

  2. Great tips for frying -- your fritters look perfect, and the honey caramel sauce sounds delicious! Gorgeous photo!

  3. Oh, I like how yours are nice and golden, and craggy! I loved the rum sauce, but honey caramel sounds divine.

  4. These look great! Your sauce sounds delicious, too, but you must try the rum sauce some time.

  5. These sound amazing! I haven't fried in months, I'm overdue :)

  6. They look delicious! Love your photo! The honey caramel sounds delish!

  7. Looks great! Love that you drizzled the honey caramel sauce on them. Will have to try that next time I fry some. Would be great drizzled when the fritters are still warm. Yum!! Well done!


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  9. Mmm, honey caramel sauce sounds sooo good! Great job on the fritters!

  10. Nice job! Oooh, I'm gonna have to try the fritters with a good caramel sauce too-- I liked the rum sauce, but it was slightly too boozy for me, so I'm open to alternatives. :)

  11. Those look so tasty! I love merging the idea of Bananas Foster with fritters! Looks good enough to be served in a restaurant!


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