Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baked Sunday Mornings - Buckeyes

This is the last candy post, I promise. Well for a while anyway. Does anybody else start getting a little sick of sweets right about now? I'm not over them completely, but am starting to crave carrots and broccoli.

The premise of Baked Explorations is reinventing classic recipes and Buckeyes are the first recipe from the book that I have memories of and an emotional tie to. But we called them peanut butter balls. My step-sister Kathy is a fantastic cook and I couldn't wait until she made peanut butter balls at Christmas. Candy dishes full of these little balls of yumminess were scattered throughout her house. It was heaven.

As I grew up and began cooking myself, I started making buckeyes at Christmas (although mine were never as good as Kathy's.) There really isn't a simpler recipe out there. Mix up some peanut butter and a pound of powdered sugar, roll 'em up and dip in a bag of melted chocolate chips.

The Baked version has been elevated slightly with the addition of some cream cheese, graham cracker crumbs, and a darker chocolate. I followed their recipe up to the chocolate. I simply do not like peanut butter and dark chocolate together (as I learned here.) I went with a plain old bag of milk chocolate chips. Kathy's recipe included a chunk of paraffin which helped the chocolate stick to the balls and made it glossy.

I wasn't sure I liked this newer version at first, but realized that the graham cracker crumbs add a tiny bit of grittiness to the texture that I liked. My friend pointed it out and said it made them taste more like Reese cups and he's right. And anything that tastes like a Reese's Cup is A-OK with me!

To find the recipe and to see how the other Baked girls and boys did this week, visit our blog!

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  1. I forgot there was also cream cheese in this recipe by the time I wrote my post, but yes, I didn't like the flavor of the graham crackers too much. I really like the version I made with my mom much better and it sounds like the one your step-sister used to make. It was fun making these, but I think I am going to make a batch of the peanut butter balls this week. Your container is perfect for your buckeyes. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Candy!

  2. I also enjoyed these and thought they bore a great resemblance to a peanut butter cup. Yum! I will try it with milk chocolate next time, since I love that combo.

  3. love your presentation of these! so pretty :) wishing you happy holidays!

  4. Love your photo! Milk chocolate sounds very yummy!

  5. How true - most people like the standard milk and peanut butter. Kudos to you for making it your own - much better that you enjoyed them! The peppermint presentation is a winner - happy holidays!

  6. What a neat variation with the cream cheese and graham crackers! I definitely prefer milk chocolate with peanut butter too.

  7. I love your photo - and what a cute container! I'll be making these at my mom's house tomorrow night.

  8. These look good. I love making treats for cmas gifts.


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