Friday, September 2, 2011

FFWD - Corn Soup

I can't believe how long it's been since I participated in a French Fridays with Dorie! I even made a couple of the recipes, but just didn't post about them.

But I couldn't pass up the chance to use fresh corn. I have gotten some fantastic corn this summer and as much as I love just grilling it up, I have been looking for different ways to prepare it. This soup was a great vehicle for this summer staple.

I loved steeping the milk in the corn cobs. Such a simple idea, but genius. The soup was lighter than I expected, but was a nice contrast to the heavy corn chowder I frequently make during colder months. I used chicken stock instead of water to add a bit more flavor and a leek instead of an onion since I somehow managed to not have an onion in the house. For as much grocery shopping as I do, it amazes me that I often run out of basics like flour, butter, and onions.

Dorie suggests pureeing the soup in a blender, food processor, or with an immersion blender. I opted to use my immersion blender because I wanted the soup to have some texture, it's easier, dirties fewer dishes, and it's fun. An immersion blender feels like a power tool for the kitchen. Blending the veggies added a bit more body to the soup but I still had a lot of texture from the vegetables.

Soup in summer? Absolutely!

You can find this recipe, here.

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  1. I thought steeping the cobs was brilliant - getting as much goodness from them as possible. (Your link on the French Fridays website goes to the Epicurious recipe for corn soup, rather than this post.)


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