Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spiced Butter Glazed Carrots

Three months with French Fridays with Dorie and I haven't missed a recipe yet! I am committed to trying to make as many of the recipes as possible although there are quite a few in the book that use ingredients that I'm not a fan of. This one for Spiced Butter Glazed Carrots does NOT fall in that category!

I love carrots but almost always just roast them with some olive oil and fresh thyme. I have a new way to fix them with this delicious recipe. I loved, loved how the natural sweetness of the carrot balanced beautifully with the earthy spiciness of the ginger and cardamom seeds. The butter and chicken stock reduce to create a finger licking good glaze that coats the carrots perfectly. Visually, this is beautiful dish. I like my carrots without much crunch but that often means sacrificing the vibrant orange color. Not so with this preparation! Gorgeous orange discs are mingled with the slivers of ginger and the black cardamom seeds. Homey and exotic, this dish is a winner!

French Fridays with Dorie group members are asked not to post the recipes on our blogs. Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table is truly a work of art and is on many top ten cookbooks of 2010 lists. You can purchase it at your local bookstore or here. This recipe is too good not to share, so please email me if you want the recipe!
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  1. Good for you for staying on track and trying all the recipes!! I need to play catch-up with the speculoos!

  2. Wow...all the recipes so far...congrats! Your carrots look great and I'm glad you enjoyed them. I did too. Happy New Year!

  3. Kudos for cooking every week! I've only missed one (Vietnamese spicy noodle soup week). Happy New Year!

  4. Congrats for sticking with it and working through a less-favored recipe. I love how this challenge has been pushing me to try ingredients and techniques that I would not normally try.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Great point about the colour - they really stayed vibrant.

    Happy New Year!


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