Thursday, December 2, 2010

FFWD - My Go-To Beef Daube

Another winner! This was the perfect meal to both prepare and eat on a lazy winter Sunday.

The beef wasn't as tender as I would have liked but I think it could have cooked longer. I used about two cups of wine and a cup or so of beef broth. If I had another half an hour, I would have added some more beef broth and let it simmer a bit longer. Everything had a wonderful flavor from the brandy, wine, and herbs. I have never tried parsnips and picked one up at the grocery store to use. I was surprised by how light it was, expecting it to be dense and heavy like a carrot. Ultimately, I chickened out and placed it back on the display. I regretted my lack of culinary adventure (and really how adventurous is a parnsip anyway) and vow to include parnsips the next time I make this lovely dish.
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  1. Looks great! I can't wait to try this recipe. And of course I'll include the parsnips!!

  2. This was my first time eating parsnips, and their taste wasn't strong at all. If anything, it had absorbed the flavors of the wine and herbs. Tasty! Surprisingly enough, even though my oven tends to get hotter than the number, my daube could have benefited from an extra 30 minutes. Though, it smelled so good, we couldn't wait!

  3. Oh, but parsnips are wonderful! You can use a lot of them, because they are pretty sweet, but they add so much to stews and soups. Be brave next time:)
    I am looking forward to trying the daube - the weather in SoCal is a bit chilly and perfect for braises.

  4. I'm making this tonight. You absolutely should try parsnips. They are super yummy and a really easy way to try them is pureed in soup.

  5. You won't regret trying parsnips; they have an undeservedly bad reputation.

  6. I agree with the previous comments...parsnips are wonderful: sweet and a little like a cross between a carrot and a is just hard to find good fresh ones here in AZ.


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