Saturday, November 6, 2010

SMS - Ginger Custard Pumpkin Pie

I never thought I would say this, but I am almost tired of pumpkin. After last years pumpkin shortage, I get giddy everytime I walk by a shelves filled with it and can't resist picking up some. In the past week I have made pumpkin bars for my husband, baked pumpkin doughnuts for a work breakfast, pumpkin flans for French Fridays with Dorie and now Ginger Custard Pumpkin Pie for this week's Sweet Melissa Sunday. I loved this recipe! In my opinion, this is the best recipe we have made for Sweet Melissa Sundays in a while!

The pie starts with a basic pie dough. I really like Melissa's all butter pie dough but I didn't want to risk any shrinkage so I used Dorie's Good For Almost Everything Pie Dough. I really do love making pie dough. The entire process relaxes me. I opted to use my tart pan and used parchment paper instead of buttered foil this time to prevent the dough from browning too much and preferred this method.

With the crust out of the way it was time to focus on the filling. I didn't have cinammon sticks so threw in a couple of teaspoons of ground cinnamon and was too lazy to peel and dice the ginger instead slicing in thin discs to steep in cream and milk. While it making the custard does involves several bowls and straining a couple of times (I strained the finished custard too) it comes together very easily. About an hour in the oven and then you have a fantastic pumpkin pie. I added a dollop of fresh whipped cream (which I whipped by hand, thank you very much) to make this the perfect preview of the holidays goodies ahead.

My only criticism is that I didn't get enough of the cinnamon and ginger flavors. When I make this for Thanksgiving I plan to let the cream steep a bit longer and add some additional spices.

Thanks to Debbie at Everyday Blessings of the Five Dees for hosting this week. You can find the recipe here!
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  1. I feel like I'm still running to catch the pumpkin train. And I love the leaves for crust on your pie!

  2. I still am loving pumpkin which makes me sorry, I have not made this, yet. It looks good.

    No one is eating pie in our house so when I make it, it is wasted. While, I give away cakes and cookies, I don't usually give away parts of a pie. (We taste.)

    You enjoy it for me.

  3. I agree - this was such a delicious one! Your pie crust is just TOO CUTE! So seasonally appropriate!! :)

  4. I love your crust - so festive! No worries on the ginger, the recipe said you could leave it unpeeled so that's what I did too :)

  5. Your pie looks beautiful!! I am like you, I wish the ginger and cinnamon had been stronger.

  6. Your pie looks great! Love the crust cut outs =)

  7. The pie looks perfect! I have been doing the same thing whenever I see cans of pumpkin - there are way too many good recipes out there. I had to add about a teaspoon of ground ginger to my filling to make it gingery enough.

  8. Your pie turned out beautiful. Great job!

  9. What a gorgeous pie! I didn't bake my first pumpkin good until november... so I'm a bit behind the pumpkin craze this year and not even CLOSE to being sick of it ;)


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