Sunday, August 1, 2010

SMS Chocolate Peppermint Meringues

I almost bailed on Sweet Melissa Sundays again this week. I can't remember the last time I missed three weeks in a row but making meringues in July when the humidity around here turns everyone into limp, lifeless pools of sweat seemed like an effort in futility. Reading the glowing reviews by my fellow bakers led me to a change of heart.

I actually love making meringues and was anxious to use the Ateco pastry bag that I purchased a few months ago. I opted not to include the chopped chocolate to the meringue mixture because it seemed unnecessary and added more steps to a recipe that overall is simple but takes a while to complete due to the number of steps and baking time. Melissa's meringues always call for cooking the egg whites and sugar just until the sugar dissolves, a step I'm not crazy about and not sure that it adds anything to the end result. Next time I think will omit this step to test this theory.

Peppermint flavored ganache is sandwiched between two of the cloud like kisses of meringue creating a cookie delicious in taste and texture. I loved these and found them to be addictive!

Thanks to Kelly at Sweetgrass Sensibilities for hosting this week! The recipe can be found here.
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  1. Beautiful! I did bail this week. Too hot and humid!!! Reading all of the reviews, I am sorry I didn't make it. Could make a good holiday treat.

  2. The Peppermint flavored ganache really made me say ohhhhhhh. They look so cute.

  3. How adorable! They look so delicious =)

  4. Your meringues look perfect! I agree...I didn't think the chopped chocolate added anything to the meringues. I thought the mint ganache was great too! Beautiful job!

  5. I was chuckling as I read your post, because I didn't make them precisely for the weather reason- but I should have because I too just bought a pastry bag last month...

    Your meringues look great!

  6. They look sweet! I love meringues too, and always wondered why pastry stores charge so much for them -- they're thrifty and easy!

  7. You meringues are so cute! I also skipped the step about cooking the egg whites and sugar until it dissolves... this was my first attempt at meringues but it seemed so silly.


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