Sunday, May 16, 2010

SMS Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

I have mentioned my intense love for bread pudding before here and have already posted a Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce. So, I was torn about making this week's SMS recipe. My love for all things pumpkin and all bread puddings won out over posting the same thing again

I had trouble finding pumpkin for our last SMS pumpkin recipe and can report there is still a shortage of canned pumpkin in these parts. After visiting three grocery stores, I found a can at Whole Foods (at about 3 times what I would normally pay). One of the things I love about bread pudding is that it is easy to make; however, this recipe was almost tedious between the steeping of the cream, and the straining of the custard, and the toasting of the bread, and the bain marie. I followed the recipe almost to the letter with the big exception of omitting the rum and raisins from the sauce. My favorite part of the recipe is the subtle spiciness of the custard that comes from steeping the cream with cinnamon, vanilla beans, whole cloves, and ginger. The balance of bread to custard is perfect and results in a pudding that is not too dry, dense, or custardy.

I forgot to add the cinnamon sugar to the top of the pudding before baking it and added it with about 10 minutes of baking time left. My caramel sauce suffered from almost burning the sugar and then said sugar seizing up. It tasted OK, but I prefer the silkiness from using butter in the recipe I use with my bread pudding recipe. The cinnamon sugar and the caramel made the light bread pudding almost cloyingly sweet.

The next time I make pumpkin bread pudding, I will use my recipe but may use some of the spices, particularly the ginger, from this recipe

Carmen at Baking is My Zen hosted this week and has posted an incredible tutorial for this recipe on her site.
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  1. I've never made bread pudding before, but you and the others almost have me convinced :-)

  2. Thanks for baking with me this week! :)

    Nice your comments on your tastes etc.

    Thank you for the kind comment about my photo tutorial.


  3. Mmm...this does look good! I had a hard time psyching myself up for pumpkin in May, but you've made it look really delicious!

  4. Hard to believe it's still hard to find pumpkin in the stores. This looks beautiful.

  5. Well, the photos look amazing even if it wasn't your favorite recipe. I love Pumpkin desserts: pie, flan, bread pudding, trifles you name it! I will defintiely be checking out your other recipe - thanks!

  6. Your bread pudding looks delish, and I will definitely have to try your other pumpkin bread pudding!

  7. I did a rewind this week since I'm not a big fan of bread pudding, but all the positive reviews of this recipe have me thinking I might give it a try this fall. Or maybe I'll just make your other recipe :) The dessert looks wonderful!

  8. The custard base with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and ginger sounds like it would add wonderful flavor. I think I could totally pig out on this!

  9. Looks great!
    It would be nice to combine recipes and have a whole new and wonderful one!

  10. This looks wonderful. You really did a great job with this challenge. This is my first visit to your blog, but I'll be back more often. I really like what you are doing here and the recipes you highlight are wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary


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