Sunday, March 28, 2010

SMS Strawberry Pavlova

Patty at Birding Blossoms and Baking selected Peach Melba Pavlova for this week's Sweet Melissa Sunday's recipe. Dramatic, yet simple, pavlovas are a great recipe to have in your repertoire as they are infinitely adaptable. The SMS recipe called for piling a mountain of fresh peaches and raspberries; however, I decided to use strawberries at the last minute. Literally while the meringue was baking!

Pavlovas are a symphony of textures starting with a cloud-like meringue that is crispy on the exterior and marshmallow like on the interior. The next layer of fluffy whipped cream adds another texture. Fresh fruit of your choice is then mounded over the whipped cream. I chose strawberries (that were fantastic for this time of the year) but any fruit can be used depending on your taste and what is in season. Lastly, fresh raspberry sauce adds a bit of tart sweetness. This is one of those dishes where the individual elements are fantastic, but the sum of the parts is heavenly. The fact that it is visually stunning is just the icing on the cake, or pavlova!

Thanks for this fantastic selection, Patty! You can find the full recipe at her blog, here.
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  1. Your pavlova looks wonderful! I loved how simple this dessert was to make, yet still flavorful and elegant :) Definitely a repeat.

  2. Beautiful!! I didn't make this week's recipe and reading all of the comments I wished I had.

  3. Strawberries would be good swap :-) I agree that the end result (no matter the fruit) was amazing!

  4. I used strawberries too! Yours looks absolutely amazing.

  5. Your Pavlova is absolutely stunning! I bet it was really delicious.

  6. Oh, my! This is gorgeous! I can't wait until strawberry season!


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