Sunday, February 21, 2010

SMS Strawberry Lemonade

Jessica of My Baking Heart selected Strawberry Lemonade for this week's Sweet Melissa Sunday's recipe. Between the balmy 60 degree day here and the summertime feeling that is synomous with lemonade, the promise of Spring was in the air!

This lemonade is quite yummy and I loved rimming the glass with confectioner's sugar. However, I prefered the Raspberry Lemonade that became my favorite lemonade last summer. I just preferred the flavor of raspberry over the strawberry and is not a reflection of the recipe.

To find the recipe, you can visit Jessica's blog!

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  1. 60 degrees? Sounds like a nice Spring day to me.

    Thanks for the recipe for the Raspberry Lemonade, both sound good to me!

  2. 60 degrees? I am so envious!

    I added a few raspberries to mine. It was yummy!

  3. Haha I hate to sound like a broken record but I'll echo the previous commenters - 60 degrees?? Send some of that warm air my way! :) We had one day near 50 but it's going back to the 20's this week....

    Your lemonade looks great! I love raspberries so I'll have to try that recipe this summer.

  4. It was in the 50's here today(Amelia, VA). Your lemonade looks great! I passed on this one. We aren't big lemonade people. Love the setting for your picture. :)

  5. Sounds like you're the envy of the group (I didn't dare tell them it would be 62 here!) Your lemonade looks delicious!

  6. Thanks so much for 'making' along with me this week! ;) Love your glass!!

  7. the color of your lemonade intrigues me, its so pretty :D

  8. I had to back up a week and look at your lemonade..sorry it took me so long to leave this comment! Your drink looks refreshing and the 60* weather you had makes me jealous! We still are in the high 30s here and have snow on the ground.


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