Monday, December 7, 2009

Brown Paper Package Exchange

This past weekend my daughter stuck her head out of the back door and yelled "Dad, a package was just delivered!" My husband, busy helping load up our old coach yelled back that he wasn't expecting anything. She then looked eagerly at me, assuming the delivery was a Christmas present for her. All of my online purchases had already been delivered so I stopped what I was doing and headed to the front door to check it out. Addressed to me, I didn't recognize the return name or address. Then, I realized it was my Brown Paper Package Exchange!

I am participating in a fun online event for bloggers called the Brown Paper Package Exchange arranged by Melissa and Emily over at Max and Ellie. Bloggers sign up for the event and then are partnered with another blogger. Each of us send the other something for them, something for their home, and something to eat. I love this type of thing and have had a blast putting together the package I'm sending and now, receiving this box of goodies from Marci (mother of Lulu the Baker, a fellow SMSer).

The card featured a lovely bird and Marci wrote that she and I shared a love of birds and that she loved putting together theme gifts. She couldn't have known, but I love putting together theme gifts too and it was so fun to receive one. I anxiously opened each beautifully wrapped gift:

First, was this too-pretty-to open soap from one of my favorite stores - Anthropologie:

Next, came this beautiful calendar that will bring me a year full of smiles as it sits on my desk:

I literally yelped (embarassing, but true) when I opened this tin full of the cutest bird rubber stamps ever:

As if this wasn't enough, not one, but two boxes of beautiful bird ornaments that promptly landed on my bird themed tree.

Last, but not least, was a package of yummy white chocolate popcorn. Thanks for all of the beautiful gifts Marci!

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  1. Oh wow!!!! What a fantastic gift! I am also participating in this exchange and have shipped a parcel out to my recipient and am anxiously awaiting mine. You are so lucky to have received that gorgeous tin of bird-themed rubber stamps. I just saw those featured in my local newspaper last week and am dying to get a set of my own. I am sooooo jealous!!!!

  2. I have had the set of Birds & Nests stamps for a few years now. I just LOVE them so much! You'll find yourself making excuses to stamp any- and everything you can. :)


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