Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baked Sunday Mornings - Easy Candy Bar Tart

I have all but given up blogging but have missed some aspects of it, especially baking along with the great group of bakers in Baked Sunday Mornings.  Also, the Baked boys have a new book coming out soon (one that I helped test recipes for!) that I can't wait for!

And boy, did I pick the right week to join back in the fun!  Easy Candy Bar Tart was not only easy, but AMAZING!  My family loves, loves, loves it and it has made my list of favorite Baked recipes.  And that is saying something.

Easy is relative, but this is an easy recipe.  Cookies are pulverized and mixed with a little sugar and butter to make a simple vehicle for the other layers.  Chocolate wafer cookies were no where to be found at the store so I used chocolate graham crackers.  An easy, and less expensive, option if your store doesn't carry chocolate wafers.

Next, you whip up some salted caramel.  Does anyone not love salted caramel?  This is the most difficult step in the recipe, but really it's not a big deal.  Just use a large enough sauce pan, don't touch the sugar once it gets hot, and pull it off the heat as soon as it turns light amber. I usually pull my caramel off once it is about the color of the handle server in the picture above.  I don't love walnuts so I used toasted pecans instead.  

Last, chop up some chocolate and mix it up with a little butter and corn syrup to create a glossy, delicious glaze.  I opted for milk chocolate instead of dark just because that's what I prefer.

The end result is a dessert that looks and tastes far more complicated than it is.  With the pecans and milk chocolate, it reminded me of a piece of turtle candy.  Turtles were my father's favorite candy and since I made this on the 4th of July, which is his birthday, it was a sweet way to celebrate him.  

Please give this recipe a try!  You can find it on the Baked Sunday Mornings website.  Please check out the rest of the groups gorgeous photos and thoughts about this recipe while you are there!
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  1. Welcome back! I agree, definitely a great recipe to join back in on! I found the whole thing a little sweet for my taste, but I don't think my co-workers will complain when I bring it into them tomorrow.

  2. Hi, Candy! You did pick the right week! Your tart is gorgeous!

  3. Ah, chocolate graham crackers are a good idea, and much easier to find (and less expensive!) than Nabisco Chocolate Wafers. Pretty tart!

  4. Welcome back! This was a good one to come back with.


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