Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baked Sunday Mornings - Banana Caramel Pudding w/Meringue Topping

Baked recipes almost always take a traditional recipe and put their own modern spin on it. That's certainly the case with this week's recipe where traditional banana pudding is mixed with rich caramel.  They even left in the 'nilla wafers!

The pudding was delicious.  A thick vanilla custard layered with vanilla wafers and bananas and topped with a blanket of pillowy meringue.  I added a splash of banana emulsion to amp up the banana flavor a bit.  I must not have cooked my caramel long enough because I didn't achieve the lovely amber colored pudding featured in the book.  Also the caramel flavor was very subtle. So subtle, I wouldn't have known there was any caramel there if I hadn't added it myself.

Still a fabulous summer treat!  Get the recipe here.

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  1. Wow,Candy! I love your rendition! Very creative & beautiful.

  2. I think the caramel needs to get pretty dark to be more noticeable. I love your flowing waves of meringue! :)


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