Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings - Good Morning Sunshine Bars

Good Morning Sunshine!  These crunchy little treats are kind of like a rice krispie treat on speed.  And almost as addictive.  

Plain ol' cereal and peanuts are coated in a sticky peanut butter glaze and then drizzled with chocolate.  I wasn't super impressed at first bite but found myself going back to the pan for more.  They would certainly be a lovely treat to wake up to but I wouldn't say no to one any time of the day.

Jump over to Baked Sunday Mornings to get the recipe!
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  1. I love your photo! And these bars were definitely sticky and sweet!

  2. My thoughts exactly...Rice Krispie treats on speed! They are good!

  3. Great pic. Your bar looks fabulous on that plate. Just beautiful.

  4. I had to restrain myself from eating them for breakfast!!!

  5. So glad they are out of my house now for my co-workers to enjoy, because I had some serious self control issues around these. So good.

  6. That is such a gorgeous photo, Candy! Yesssss, I think it's safe to say that most of us found ourselves going back for more… mwah! :)


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