Sunday, September 29, 2013

Browned Butter Snickerdoodles

Cookies are one of my very favorite things to bake, and eat, but I'm usually not going to get too excited about a snickerdoodle.  I mean they are a fine cookie with a great name, but I like a chunky cookie full of chocolate, nuts, and coconut.  But the Baked boys turned it up with their snickerdoodle by using browned butter.  I can pass on a snickerdoodle, but a snickerdoodle made with browned butter?  Nope.

I'm not a fan of chilling cookie dough (because I'm impatient) but I read the most awesome tip from our very own Mark of Neufangled Desserts who learned it from our very own Erin of Starry Eyed Baker to scoop your cookies before chilling them.  So simple!  I was hoping this would help the cookies retain their shape while baking.  And it worked pretty well here.

The cookies are delicious!  Still not something I'm going to eat tons of, which is a very good thing, but for damn sure the best snickerdoodle I've ever had.

Head over to Baked Sunday Mornings to get the recipe and try them yourself!
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  1. Those are some good looking cookies!! I love making cookies too. I learned that chilling the dough is a good now I make my cookie doughs ahead of time and shape them into balls and throw them in the freezer. (Then I always have cookies when I want them....some days that is important!) :)

  2. Haha " I can pass on a snickerdoodle, but a snickerdoodle made with browned butter?" Yes! It made a huge difference.

  3. The cookies look great, Candy! I just *loved* these, and I'm glad the brown butter helped make you more of a snickerdoodle fan. :)


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